What To Expect With Gastric Bypass Surgery

Having excess amounts of fat in our bodies can lead to various health conditions such as high blood pressure, increased cholesterol, heart attacks, etc. Being obese can have adverse effects in your life. Your weight can result in a reduced life expectancy level. You obviously wouldn’t want that happening when there are ways of getting that excess fat removed.

A gastric bypass surgery is a famous operation that is carried out to remove excess fat from the body. It is especially done for people suffering from morbid obesity. Once the surgery is done, patients feel that their stomach is full, even when they eat a little.

The fewer calories absorbed, the more weight you will lose. Isn’t gastric bypass surgery beneficial in that way? When a person does a gastric bypass surgery, it means that the stomach and the intestinal system are restructured. This restricts a person’s ability of consuming large amounts of food.

A usual gastric bypass surgery requires a person to stay at a hospital for around two to six days. This of course depends on the type of procedure carried out for the surgery. Recommencement of normal activities can generally be done within three to five weeks.

Losing weight has never been this easy. Many people who have done the gastric bypass surgery say that their weight loss accounts to around 70% of their total body fat. Results can normally be seen between the first few months.

Are you a diabetic patient? Do you suffer from high blood pressure? The gastric bypass surgery can minimize or even eliminate such health problems over the years. Since there are no implantable devices or any foreign materials in the body after the gastric bypass surgery, you need not worry about the whole process. 

There are also a few disadvantages when it comes to gastric bypass surgery. Since the whole operation is irreversible, your body will be permanently changed and the way your body digests food will be quite different from other people. When the body’s ability of absorbing food is restructured, he or she can start to have nutritional deficiencies leading to osteoporosis, anemia, etc. In addition to this, having undigested stomach contents move in too quickly to the intestines could result in ‘dumping syndrome’.


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