Insanity Workout Review: Will It Help You Lose Weight?

The insanity workout can be described as innovative exercise system which is getting a lot of acclaim from health gurus and is becoming more trusted. The insanity workout can be done by any person that has a DVD player and calls for little additional gear past the initial DVD purchase. The insanity workout program centers essentially on interval training and good form.

The insanity system is a 2 month program which is broken down into 9 DVD’s. The first thirty day period of training has 5 DVD’s in total each of which incorporate a daily workout. The first thirty day period of workouts centers mainly on aerobic and anaerobic interval training that helps to build up whole body conditioning. The 5 DVD’s for the first thirty day period are as follows:

Plyometric Cardio Circuit – A 40 minute workout that centers on burning body fat utilizing cardio intervals.

Pure Cardio – A 40 minute intensive cardio workout that does not support any rests.
Cardio Recovery – This thirty-five minute workout centers on recuperating your worn out muscles groups to prepare for more cardio
Cardio Abs – This high intensity workout lasts for twenty minutes and centers on burning fat and building a strong mid-section.
Core Cardio& Balance – This workout may be utilized every day for a whole 7 days and is a 40 minute cardio session.

Subsequent to the 1st thirty day period, the workouts become a lot more extreme and continue to be oriented to circuit along with interval training. A summary of the second month’s four DVD’s are as follows:

Max Interval Circuit – During this 60 minute workout the circuit become much more challenging than the 1st thirty day period.
Max Cardio Conditioning – This workout is a hard 50 minute cardio session.
Max Interval Plyometrics – This 55 minute workout centers mainly on strengthening your legs by way of plyometrics.
Max Recovery – This 50 minute workout centers on muscle recovery as well as stretching.

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4 Responses to “Insanity Workout Review: Will It Help You Lose Weight?”

  1. The Insanity Workout by Shaun T will transform your body! This 60 day intensive program combines high interval training with muscle building and cardio work. It is sure to change your body if you are committed to it.

  2. I think it would probably work out since it is divided to categories which are progressive. I like it better than the old TAI-BO DVD. You know like everything we have to start in the basics and the DVD seems teaching the basics before getting into the action. Cheers!!

  3. The Insanity Workout will certainly get you fit and hel you lose a lot of weight. As with all of these workouts it is down to the individual to put the effort in and follow the rules. If you follow all the rules and do not cheat, you cannot fail.
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  4. Love Insanity!! Definitely helps shred those last few lbs of fat! Hello Abs! 🙂

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