I’m Strong But Can’t Get Ripped Abs

One of the most popular requests among guys in the gym is to get six pack abs. There is no doubt about it, obtaining this elusive goal not only takes hard work, but also demonstrates that you clearly know what you are doing in the gym. Learning how to get wash board abs is not easy but it is obtainable as long as you do the right things. So, what ab workouts for guys should be done to get results?

1. Follow a strict diet plan.

You will never get ripped abs if you do not eat well. One thing you must realize is that while exercise is important, it’s only going to take you so far. No matter how many crunches or sit-up variations you perform, if you’ve got a solid layer of fat covering your stomach, your muscles are not going to be seen.

You need to eat enough lean proteins to satisfy your hunger with healthy fats and fruits and veggies for energy. One important thing to know is you need to be taking in less calories then you burn off or you will not drop weight.

2. Perform a variety of exercises.

Next up on your quest for six pack abs, you need to make sure you change up the exercises you perform on a regular basis. While it’s fine if you have some that you generally like to stick with as you really feel it when you do them, try and alternate between at least a few from week to week.

This is because the abdominals adapt to new workouts faster then other muscles. The second they are done adapting, the results you were getting are going to go away as this is a little known fact.

When you keep your abs guessing you keep the changes coming to. Do not get caught up doing the same workout every day as you will have peaked. Ab workout routines for men must be challenging and be switched up constantly.

3. Stay on top of your cardio workouts.

Finally, step three for getting a nicely chiseled stomach is performing cardio properly. This does not mean to go out for a six mile run every day. The goal is not to become a long distance runner but to get ripped abs.

All you really need is a few quality sessions of cardio work a week. What’s high quality? Sprint sessions. Skipping. Hiking. Anything your body is not efficient at.

These workouts will be much harder then sitting down on a machine while reading a fitness magazine, but you will get results a thousand times quicker.

Crank that intensity up for twenty to forty seconds and then back it down again for another minute. Repeat this process eight to ten times and you’ll have a workout that’ll shed that body fat in no time.

Guys put so much time into getting strong arms that they need real men ab workouts to burn the fat.So, next time you’re admiring your physique in the mirror and are still longing for a better mid-section, take these three factors into consideration and you’ll discover this is the truth about six pack abs.


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  1. Way of you to bring this to the the front, good job

  2. There is more than just cardio to lose fat, metabolic conditioning workouts also help burn away that unwanted fat, I have a free program on my blog spot if anyone is interested (its free (Y) )
    Alex´s last blog post ..Lower body

  3. As long as you’re healthy and are achieving good fitness levels, I wouldn’t bother too much about getting absolutely ripped abs. They are really hard work.

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