How To Lose Man Boobs


Females of the 21st century have a serious jealousy problem to combat.

Men are giving new meaning to the term gender equal. They have grown their own breasts!

How will you girls sort this out,considering it’s not an affair?

Men with jugs the size of watermelons!

Well, who wouldn’t be green with envy?

Men are really not very happy with this change, which is ironic to say the least.
Men with this condition have been trapped in the wire of the “booby” trap!

They need to learn how to lose man boobs instantly if not sooner.
Men are getting in touch with their feminine side more and more, but growing mammaries doesn’t come into the equation.

Boobs are what a man will call his own protrusions.
Others will call them bumpers, headlamps, knockers, tits, bazookas and an assortment of other nick-names. 

How to lose man boobs.

fat men have big juggling boobs, but you couldn’t call them breasts in the traditional sense.

Obesity causes fat to amass in the wrong parts of the body, that’s why why so many “obese” men carry a chest that can put Pamela Anderson’s to shame.

These are not really boobs, just fat, which can be put right with a little exercise and dieting.

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Gynaeomastia is something that is entirely different.

Men’s bodies contain testosterone and estrogen’s.
If there is an imbalance with more estrogen’s the body makes up for it by growing man boobs.

Everything, from processed foods to alcohol, steroids to recreational drugs pretty much everything your mom told you not to touch, will give you boobs.
While exercise is beneficial for other parts of your body, this is not how to lose man boobs.

Identify and eliminate whatever it is you’re taking that’s giving the mau maus life and they’ll go.
If, however, you’ve been boob’d for more than a year, surgery could be looked into.
The only way to continue with this if you’re seriously considering surgery, is to consult with your doctor.

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And if you are ever ribbed about your wopbopaloobops again, just remember, what can’t hurt you, won’t kill you.


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